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Oct 18, 2021

Gem crabs: Objective: Reflect white orb onto crystal using the crabs, attack the crabs with different attack styles to get them to change colour and change the colour of the orb

Crabs change colour when attacked with different styles which in turn changes the colour of the orb when reflected.

Melee - Red
Ranged - Green
Magic - Blue

Crystals have to be hit with different colours to turn white and be completed

Black Crystal = White orb
Yellow Crystal = Blue orb
Magenta Crystal = Green orb
Cyan Crystal = Red orb

Lizardmen Shamans: Objective: Same as regular shamans, not worth bringing shazien gear into the raid however they do poison you so either wear a serp helm (highly reccomended) or bring anti-poison. Protect from range and range them as normal, scaled depending on raid size.

Dark Altar Room: Objective: Kill the mages, protect from mage reduces damage, kill some of the rangers so their stacked damage doesnt kill you/avoid them.

Creature room (shit tonne of chests) Objective: Loot chests (careful of poison) for grubs, fill trough, rinse and repeat. Inventory can be emptied (food from raids only reccomended to be dropped) to allow inventory space.

Two Guardians Can only be harmed by pickaxes. Reccomended to flinch them as a party. Crush seemed to be more accurate


Tekton: Draw away from anvil, when he is far from anvil surround him so he cant go back kill with melee, crush preferably. However when enraged (when he first comes away from anvil) it seems stab is a good option (needs confirmation, saw it on b0atys stream)

Vespula: 20% of party is on bug duty, pick flowers from other side of the room and feed to the grubs. Other 80% are on dps duty, range/mage the boss till it decends to ground then 20% of those people melee it while the other 80% range the portal (ruby bolts highly reccomended) Rinse and repeat till portal dies.

Another possible tactic for Vespula is to have the entire raid party pic the flowers and drop them near the grubs, getting a large stack (20+) for each grub, then everyone can dps Vespula and the portal.

Vanguard: Can only be damaged when rearing up. Damage mage with mage, melee with melee, range with range. Range throws rocks, melee just has tentacles, mage doesnt have tentacles. Damage all at the same rate, damaging one of the three too much will cause them to FULLY heal when they go back to sliding along the ground. It seems to be around a 20% hp difference, keep the difference under 10% to be safe if you want(easy to see if you have Osbuddy or other 3rd party clients)

Avoid when sliding along the ground, they hit 5/6's every tick when they're under you.

Ice Demon: Cut down nearby saplings for logs and light the torches, get a lot of logs before starting the fire as nearby icefiends put them out. When it gets out murder its ass.

Muttadiles: 30% of raid chops tree (those with high wc) the other 70% freeze and kill the small croc with mage or range. When small croc dies tree should be dead so when big croc is alive you can just freeze and spank and tank. Avoid melee attack/protect from melee if its not frozen. Range pray if its frozen.

Some people report not having to chop the tree if the boss is kept frozen, however there is room for error in not catching a freeze, however in a small maxed group it would likely be effective.

Vasa Nistrio: Protect from range and kill the crystals that become active and he sits near as they heal him. Failing to kill the crystal in time causes a possibility of a large portion of the raid party to be 1hit. It seems standing near him when he tries the teleport attack reduces the damage as he teleports you away from him.


5 phase fight (depending on party size, smaller parties have a 4 phase fight, it just means killing the hands less) Pray mage the entire time First 3 phases kill the left hand with mage, right hand with melee (left/right from when you are looking at Olm). Do not attack the hand if there is a green aura over it. Phase 4 you kill the arms at the same rate (like with the vanguard) and kill them as closely as you can to each other. Phase 5 starts upon the two arms being killed. The head of Olm will have green-ish swirls around it and can only be damaged easily by ranged (diamond bolts or ruby bolts reccomended)

During the phases different things can happen.


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