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OSRS Runecrafting Guide


Oct 18, 2021

Runecrafting isn't really portrayed as a glamorous skill in Old School RuneScape. It can, however, be very lucrative for a moneymaking method whether you're new to the game or saving up for items. For not much more effort, you will turn a large profit in the end that will help you with any long-term and short-term goals in the game. And Runecrafting is a skill that must be done, so you may as well do it to make money off of it: you will need 50 Runecrafting to complete all quests - though you need a mammoth 91 Runecrafting to complete all diaries which offer huge rewards.


First of all, your agility level will be a huge help. Getting it to 50 would be recommended and the Graceful Outfit would be a huge help. As you make money through Runecrafting, you should be using stamina potions to increase your overall efficiency in both, experience and profit.

In addition, you should ensure all your rune pouches are repaired and ensure to bring all rune pouches (in combination) every trip, from small to giant, dependent on what you have unlocked. This allows you to create more runes.

Small pouch - level 1 - from Enter the Abyss miniquest. +3 essence. 
Medium pouch - level 25 - obtainable from the abyss. +6 essence
Large pouch - level 50 - obtainable from the abyss. +9 essence
Giant pouch - level 75 - obtainable from the abyss. +12 essence

OSRS Money Making: Runecrafting - Per Level Guide

Level 1: questing The best thing to do to start with is Enter the Abyss quest. This quest will provide 1,000 experience. In addition, The Eyes of Glouphrie will provide 6,000 experience, though does have a requirement of 46 Magic and 5 Construction. Alternatively, you can do the following, however you will not make any decent money whatsoever until level 25 - this is purely to level up and at most you will make a few thousand GP.

Level 1-9: Air runes The Air altar is located south of Falador. You need 194 pure essence, thus 7 inventories.

Level 9-13: Earth runes The Earth altar is located north-east of Varrock. You need 133 pure essence, thus 5 inventories.

Level 13-25: Mud runes You need to create 633 mud runes. Always use binding necklaces and any jewelry you can for transport, as you will make 5k per inventory, thus you can cover any teleport costs.

Level 25-44: Steam Runes you will profit 300k per hour doing this. This is a combination rune just like mud runes.

Level 44-65: Nature Runes at level 44, you will make 500k per hour crafting Nature Runes. At level 50, you will make 600k per hour due to the larger pouch available.

Level 65-77: Death Runes death runes will give you 700k per hour at level 65 and 800k per hour at level 75. Note: you must complete Mournings End Part II, so you may choose to simply continue nature runes.

Level 82-91: Astral Runes at this level, you can create two astral runes per each pure essence, so this becomes great for making money and getting experience. You will profit a whopping 1.2 million GP per hour here!

Level 91-99+: Nature Runes at this level, you can double craft nature runes, so you will make 1.3 million GP per hour here, not bad at all!


Runecrafting is a skill that if you take it from 1-99, can literally make your bank hundreds of millions of GP easily, so it is a very underrated skill. It is also rather passive and you can do it whilst binge watching TV shows you like. Good luck on your Runecrafting journey, and we hope you found our OSRS Money Making: Runecrafting guide useful!


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