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Osrs Skilling Guide


Oct 18, 2021

 This will be the Skilling guide. You can also buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold.

There are 16 Non combat skills you can train as a Maxed Skills Pure with each skill maxing out at level 99 with 200 million xp in each skill. There is as of this moment only 2 people who have maxed xp in each skill Skilling and Combat skills.

The best way for you to start skilling would be to start making money and for this i would suggest as a non member mining and as a member to start with thieving to get a start cash then go to mining aswell. Mining is very good and quite afk to train in most places for non members Mining can be abit tedious at first but once your level 15 and can start on iron it will be alot easier to level up. For members i advise going straight for 30 mining before trying to profit anything as once your 30 you can head to Motherlode Mine. Non members should always work towards a bond. Then you should move onto Smithing. Each bar you use will give the same amount of xp no matter how you use it. Ie if you use 3 bars to make 1 platebody you will get the same amount of xp by doing 3 bars to make 3 helmets.

Members now i would also advice going for some hunter as you can make very good money off Black Chins at 73 hunter

Thieving and agility also works great with later on stuff because agility will make you run for longer. When doing agility make sure to do roof tops to get marks of grace, you can purchase graceful armour very good for skillers and players in general.

Construction: Levels 1 to 16: Buy 500 iron nails and 100 planks then make crude wooden chairs. Level 16: Build a Workshop for 10k. Levels 16 to 32: Buy 230 oak planks(no nails needed from this point on) and build pluming stands. Level 32: Build an oak workbench (5 oak planks). Levels 32 to 99: Build carved oak tables at your work bench. You will need around 217,000 oak planks. Level 99: Go build your house and buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold to make your house amazing!

Total Supplies 500 iron nails 100 planks 217,300 oak planks

Also do farm runs inbetween things as farm runs are time based things.

Other skills you can do are firemaking, cooking, herblore. woodcutting, fishing, runecrafting, crafting, fletching. Pretty much all of these are afk in some way, besides firemaking, runecrafting and slayer. Some of you may be wondering about slayer as that is primarily trained by killing monsters given to you on task but it is possilbe to level it up without training combat but just very very hard.

Cooking can be very easy once you get to wines as you can get some big xp drops ie 100k xp drops as the xp stacks while doing it.


Expensive skills wold be Crafting, Construction, Herblore (if purchasing the materials but easy if you buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold)

Tedious and Long skills would be farming, runecrafting, agility and thieving as they are pretty click intensive or just long in general.

Quick 99 (If you got a big cash stack which you buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold Cheapest gold selling site) Fletching is currently the fastest 99 in osrs as shown by a streamer who did it in just over 4 hours, Cooking can be slow at first but at the wines stage takes off.

Being a skiller has its perks in a way but the content can be quite repetative and may lack some enjoyment in some ways. the most important parts of the skiller is it can make or break you

Now the quests you can do

F2P Quests: Black Knight's Fortress, Cook's Assistant , Doric's Quest, Ernest the Chicken, Goblin Diplomacy, Pirate's Treasure, Prince Ali Rescue, Romeo and Juliet, Rune Mysteries, Sheep Shearer, The Knight's Sword P2P Quests: A Tail of Two Cats Biohazard Clock Tower Cold War Digsite Quest Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Eagles' Peak Elemental Workshop I Enlightened Journey Fishing Contest Gertrude's Cat Hazeel Cult Icthlarin's Little Helper In Pyre Need Jungle Potion Lost Tribe Monk's Friend Murder Mystery Myths of the White Lands Perils of Ice Mountain Plague City Sea Slug Sheep Herder Swept Away Tears of Guthix The Digsite The Golem The Tourist Trap The Hand in the Sand Tower of Life Tribal Totem

These quests will give you very good xp rewards!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed.

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