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OSRS Slayer Guide


Oct 18, 2021

The Slayer skill consists of completing tasks that you receive from a Slayer Master. You’ll receive all kinds of tasks with as assignment to kill a specific amount of monsters. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to train your Slayer the best way to level 99.

Slayer Masters

You get all your tasks from a Slayer Master, you’ll be consistently going back to these Slayer Masters for new tasks. You want to get your task from the highest level Slayer Master because that’ll give you the best experience. Below I’ve listed all of the Slayer masters and their requirements, start off with the best Slayer master for your level.

Tuarel (no requirements)

First you want to go to Slayer master Tuarel (if your combat level is below 20, otherwise jump to the next Slayer master). You don’t need to have any requirements in order to get tasks from Tuarel. Good to know: whenever you receive a Slayer task from another Slayer master, you can ask Tuarel to give you an easier task, but you can only do this once for every assignment. You can find Tuarel in Burthorpe.

Mazchana (combat level 20)

When you reach combat level 20, you want to go to Slayer master Mazchana. This Slayer master is known for giving tasks close in the area. You need to complete the Priest in Peril quest in order to get to Mazchana, because he’s located in a quest restricted zone: Canifis.

Vannaka (combat level 40)

When you reach combat level 40, you should go to Slayer master Vannaka. He can be found in the Edgeville dungeon.

Chaeldar (combat level 70)

Slayer master gives out mid to high level Slayer tasks and requires you to have combat level 70 and completion of the Lost City quest in order to receive tasks from Chaeldar.

Nieve (combat level 85)

Nieve is the second most advanced Slayer master. You can find him in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. The only requirement is to have at least combat level 85.

Duradel (combat level 100)

Duradel is the highest level Slayer master. You need a combat level of 100, level 50 Slayer, and you need to complete the Shilo Village quest in order to receive tasks from Dural.


When training Slayer you might receive an assignment where the monsters are located in a quest-only zone. Below is a list of quests you need to complete in order to kill a specific Slayer monster.

Horror from the Deep - Dagannoths
Lunar Diplomacy - Suqahs
Priest in Peril - Morytania's monsters and the Slayer Tower
Barbarian Training - Mithril dragons and Waterfiends
Cabin Fever - Jungle horrors and cave horrors
Ernest the Chicken - Killerwatts
Mourning's End Part II - Dark beasts
Rum Deal - Fever Spiders
Death to the Dorgeshuun - Molanisks
Olaf's Quest - Brine rats
Desert Treasure - Dust devils
Monkey Madness II - Demonic gorillas (an alternative monster for black demons)
Bone Voyage - Fossil Island Wyverns
Dragon Slayer II - Adamant and Rune dragons
Death Plateau - Spiritual creatures

Tips and tricks

-  Make sure you always pick gear with the highest Strength bonus for accelerated XP per hour. It’s recommended to choose between 3 weapons: abyssal whip,  saradomin sword (strength training), or a zamorakian hasta for monsters weak to stab damage.
-When doing tasks that require Prayer, you can get Prayer gear such as Proselyte or Initiate to save money, or invest in gear such as a saradomin godsword or Guthan’s set, which will spare you food.
Obtain a Slayer helmet (i) as fast as possible, so you don’t have to bring face masks or nosepegs. It has some other good advantages too.
- Use a dwarf multicannon as much as you can, except for dust devil tasks. This will accelerate your experience per hour.
I recommend to ALWAYS take the Gargoyle Smasher perk. You’ll save a lot of time with this perk because you’ll be able to automatically smash Gargoyles and Dawn and Dusk.
- Extend the tasks that you enjoy doing with your Slayer points. This way it’ll be more enjoyable to train Slayer and you avoid getting stuck with boring tasks.
- Block tasks is a personal choice, you decide what you want to block. I recommend to just block the tasks you don’t enjoy doing, basically the opposite of extending tasks. Extend the fun tasks and block the boring ones to make Slayer more enjoyable.

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