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Renting a Staker OSRS


Oct 17, 2021

Renting  a staker for Osrs is pretty easy and quite simple for alot of people. Today i will be using the Site Ariba Gold For Example as they do have a section for you to rent a staker from them.

The basic principle is. You pay X amount of millions to stake with a certain deposit ontop (incase you steal anything from the account)

Normally you can buy 30 Mins to 1 Hour to Several hours of time to play on said account.

Now like i said i will be using Ariba Gold as my example for this blog post

Ariba gold cost is scaled so 30mins is 5m but 1 hour is 9m and 2 hours is 12m. Their deposit for the account and inventory of it is 25m ontop of it. You get this back once you have finished on the account.

Or if you don't have this you can purchase it for money at $9 per hour.

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On Ariba Gold they have a TOS in order to keep their accounts ban free and prevent other players from causing harm to the accounts. These TOS are as follows

Do not leave w302 Duel Arena, Keep private chat ON, Do NOT break in-game rules, No live streaming, No scamming, Commission staking on the account including 0% is strictly forbidden, If you do not collect your deposit within 10 minutes after your time is up, you forfeit your deposit,We are not responsible for valuables if the account is banned while renting, Log off the Maxed Main after your time is over, Above all, once your time has passed, we have the right to change the password of the account.

So how to rent a maxed main staker from their site you simply going to once there you will see along the top bar rent a staker. Click on that and you will be redirected to the rental section of their website. Enter how long you would like to rent your maxed main staker from the website and they will let you know how much it will cost via osrs gold or by $ price which i explained above. If you are happy with the price you can proceed by entering you osrs username in the box provided and hit the buy now button. From there you choose the payment option you would like to purchase your order and enter your email in the box provided (if purchasing through real money) you can also apply a discount if you have one. once the payment has been verified you will be directed to the live chat where one of the sales advisors will comeplete the details of your order and send you the log in details for your rental account (or have you trade over the deposit and gold for how long you are playing on the account for (wont be the same account you will be playing on)


Now that you have the account you may be wondering what to do. Well now you trade over gold from your account and go stake! If you keep on reading this i will be explaining the tactics of whip staking on this.

When playing runescape you will notice that when your attacking you have different attack options. With a whip these are Deflect, Lash and Flick. Using the style Deflect will grant you +3 defence. While using Lash gives you +1 attack, +1 Strength and +1 defence. Flick grants you +3 which makes you incredibly accurate against your opponent

Because you have 99 attack and strength and defence you want to be switching between Flick and Deflect. Flick for when your attacking as you will be more accurate and Deflect when your going to be hit. It will make it so you dont take as much damage

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Thank you for reading my guide on how to rent a staker from Ariba Gold i hope this helps you out and i hope you manage to win big when staking. Always remember to stake responsibly and dont stake anything you are not willing to lose as it is a 50/50 gamble. However if you do stake all your gold and run out of gold in total. You can always buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold for cheap and quick.


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