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1-99/120 Agility Guide Updated 2022 - AFK & Fastest Methods - Runescape 3 -  YouTube


RuneScape 3 (RS3) has a variety of methods for training Agility, which is one of the game's skills that allows players to run for longer periods and access shortcuts. We are here to help you complete such tasks faster. You can visit our website for cheaper and faster delivery.
 Here are some of the most popular Agility training methods in RS3:

  1. Agility Courses:

    • Gnome Stronghold Agility Course: Located near the Tree Gnome Stronghold, it's a good starting point for Agility training.
    • Barbarian Outpost Agility Course: This course offers more XP but has slightly higher requirements.
  2. Wilderness Agility Course:

    • Located in the Wilderness, this course offers a high XP rate but comes with a risk of player killers.
  3. Ape Atoll Agility Course:

    • This is a high-level Agility course that offers good XP rates but requires completion of the "Monkey Madness" quest.
  4. Hefin Agility Course:

    • Found in Prifddinas, the Hefin Agility Course is a high-level course that offers great XP rates. Completing laps here also grants the "Hefin Course" Agility XP reward.
  5. Silverhawk Feathers:

    • You can use Silverhawk Feathers in your boots, which passively give Agility XP as you gain bonus experience in other skills. These feathers are often gained through Treasure Hunter promotions.
  6. Agility D&Ds (Distractions and Diversions):

    • There are D&Ds like "Agility Pyramid" and "The Pit" that offer Agility XP as a reward.
  7. Agility Contracts:

    • After completing the "Hefin" section of the Prifddinas quest, you can receive Agility contracts from the NPC Hefin workers. Completing these contracts provides Agility XP.
  8. Advanced Courses:

    • Once you reach higher Agility levels, you can access more advanced courses with better XP rates.
  9. Bonus XP and Dailies:

    • Keep an eye out for bonus XP events and daily challenges related to Agility.
  10. Anachronia Agility Course:

    • Located on Anachronia, this course offers high XP rates and requires completion of the "Desperate Times" quest.

Remember that the best training method for you will depend on your current Agility level, available quests, and personal preferences. It's also a good idea to check for any updated methods or experience rates, as the game may have received balance changes or new content since my last update in September 2021.



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