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Archaeology Tips & Tricks 2021 [RuneScape 3] - YouTube


In RuneScape 3 (RS3), Archaeology is a skill that was introduced in 2020 and involves excavating various artifacts and relics from the past. It offers a variety of methods to gain experience (XP) while training. The things you need are as follows, but before that, you can find the amount of gold you need for this and similar tasks by visiting our site, which is the fastest and most reliable.Here are some of the main methods for gaining Archaeology XP in RS3:

  1. Excavation Sites: The primary method of training Archaeology is by excavating at various excavation sites around Gielinor. To do this, you need to use an archaeologist's mattock at excavation hotspots. The XP and materials you gain depend on your Archaeology level and the excavation site's level. The higher the site's level, the more XP and better materials you'll get.

  2. Screening: You can screen soil gathered from excavation sites for additional XP and materials. It's a quick and easy way to gain some extra Archaeology XP while excavating.

  3. Sifting: Sifting is another way to gain extra XP and materials while excavating. You can sift material from specific excavation sites, and the XP and materials obtained vary depending on the location.

  4. Mystery Research: After you've gathered a collection of artifacts, you can research them at the Archaeology campus in Senntisten. This activity gives you XP and other rewards while working to complete collections.

  5. Restoration: After finding damaged artifacts, you can restore them to their former glory at the workbenches located at the Archaeology campus. Restoring artifacts grants XP and may also yield valuable relics.

  6. Orthen Dig Site: The Orthen Dig Site, which was released after the initial Archaeology skill launch, provides high-level training opportunities and unique rewards. It's particularly useful for high-level players.

  7. Chronotes: You can gain Chronotes by completing collections and selling artifacts to collectors. These can be used to buy various rewards, including XP lamps, relic power-ups, and more.

  8. Artifacts to Boost XP: Some artifacts can be turned in for additional Archaeology XP. These include the Guildmaster Tony's mattock, Research Team, and Kharid-et's Memoirs.

  9. Ancient Invention: This is an elite Archaeology training method that combines Archaeology and Invention skills. You can discover ancient invention blueprints and make items for XP.

  10. Resting: Using an Archaeology cape or master archaeologist's outfit can grant you bonus XP and other benefits while training Archaeology.

As you level up your Archaeology skill, you'll unlock access to higher-level excavation sites, which typically offer better XP rates and rewards. It's essential to plan your training methods and focus on collections to maximize your Archaeology XP gains in RS3.


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