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In RuneScape 3 (RS3), there are several methods to train Cooking and gain Cooking experience (XP). The best method for you will depend on your Cooking level, budget, and personal preferences. Here are some of the most effective methods:

  1. Cooking Basics:

    • Start with low-level foods like shrimp or chicken until you reach higher levels.
    • Always use the best range or cooking method available to you for a higher success rate.
  2. Quests:

    • Completing cooking-related quests like "Cook's Assistant" and "Recipe for Disaster" will give you Cooking XP.
  3. Menaphos: Player-Owned Port (POP):

    • In the Player-Owned Port, you can send out voyages that reward you with various resources, including cooking ingredients. These ingredients can be used to make high-level food for Cooking XP.
  4. Barbarian Fishing:

    • Barbarian Fishing is a unique training method where you catch fish and cook them on the spot. This provides both Fishing and Cooking XP. It's an efficient way to train Cooking, especially if you're interested in leveling both skills simultaneously.
  5. Cooking Urns:

    • Crafting and using cooking urns can provide additional Cooking XP when you cook food. Urns fill up as you cook, and when they're full, they grant bonus XP.
  6. Portable Ranges:

    • Portable ranges are a temporary boost to your cooking experience. You can find these in the game world when other players set them up. Cooking on a portable range provides a 21% XP boost, making it an excellent option for leveling.
  7. Cooking Slayer Creatures:

    • Certain Slayer creatures drop raw food items that can be cooked for Cooking XP. For example, the raptor mobs in the "Raptor's Challenge" slayer task drop raw bacon and raw shark, which can be cooked for decent XP.
  8. Seren Stones:

    • At level 89 Cooking, you can cook rocktail at the Seren Stones in Prifddinas. This provides good Cooking XP and is often done by high-level players.
  9. Invention:

    • If you have unlocked the Invention skill, you can augment your cooking tools with perks that provide additional XP or other benefits.
  10. Dailies and Challenges:

    • Participate in daily challenges and tasks related to cooking for bonus XP. These can be found in the "D&D Tracker" interface.

Remember that as you progress in Cooking, you'll be able to cook higher-level foods, which typically grant more XP. Always use the best ingredients available to maximize your Cooking XP gains. Additionally, be sure to check for any new training methods or updates that may have been introduced to the game since my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021.

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