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In RuneScape 3 (RS3), there are several methods to train Crafting and gain experience. Most importantly, you can visit our site for quick shopping and RS3 Gold purchasing.Crafting is a skill that allows players to create various items from raw materials, including jewelry, armor, and more. Here are some popular methods to gain Crafting XP in RS3:

  1. Leatherworking:

    • Craft leather items like gloves, boots, and bodies. This is a good method for lower-level players and is relatively inexpensive.
  2. Gem Cutting:

    • Cut gems into jewelry. This can be profitable if you cut valuable gems like diamonds and dragonstones.
  3. Battlestaves:

    • Crafting battlestaves can be a profitable method at higher levels. You can purchase unpowered orbs and attach them to battlestaves for Crafting XP and profit.
  4. Harps (at Prifddinas):

    • After unlocking Prifddinas, you can access a harp in the Ithell district. Playing the harp provides Crafting XP and is semi-AFK. It's an excellent option for lower-level players.
  5. Dungeoneering Crafting:

    • Dungeoneering allows you to craft high-level items like imp hide equipment. It's a good way to train Crafting while also working on your Dungeoneering skill.
  6. Protean Crafting:

    • Use protean hides to make various items, which provide Crafting XP. You can obtain protean hides from Treasure Hunter or other in-game activities.
  7. Glassblowing:

    • Crafting molten glass into items like flasks and vials is a decent way to train Crafting, especially at lower levels.
  8. Silver and Gold Jewelry:

    • Crafting jewelry from silver and gold bars can be a good source of XP and can also be profitable, especially if you enchant the jewelry for additional gains.
  9. Urns:

    • Crafting urns can be a good way to train Crafting, as urns provide bonus XP when they are filled. The best type of urn to use depends on your Crafting level.
  10. Player-Owned Ports:

    • High-level players can craft scrimshaws and trade goods for more Crafting XP within the Player-Owned Ports minigame.
  11. Seren Stones (at Prifddinas):

    • If you have access to the Seren Stones in Prifddinas, you can gain passive Crafting XP while mining at the Seren Stones.
  12. Dailies and Challenges:

    • Participate in daily challenges and Monthly D&Ds like God Statues for extra Crafting XP.

Always remember that the best method for you may depend on your current Crafting level, budget, and your preference for AFK or more intensive training. Crafting XP can be a costly skill to train, but it can also be quite profitable at higher levels. Be sure to check the Grand Exchange prices and consider your goals when choosing a Crafting training method.

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