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In RuneScape 3 (RS3), Divination is a gathering skill that allows players to harvest energy and memories from the world to create divine energy and various useful items. You will need RS3 gold to do this and similar tasks. You can visit our cheap, fast and reliable site. There are several methods to gain experience in Divination, depending on your preferences and goals. Here are some common Divination XP methods in RS3:

  1. Regular Training: This involves collecting divine energy and memories at various locations. Memories can be converted into experience at rifts. The experience rate may vary based on your level and the location you choose.

  2. Cursed Energy: Collecting cursed energy can be a high-profit method but is also dangerous, as you can be attacked by PKers (player killers) in the Wilderness. Convert the cursed energy into experience at the Volcanic Caverns or Anachronia.

  3. Hall of Memories: The Hall of Memories is a more AFK method for training Divination. It involves depositing memories into the engrams in the hall. This method offers bonus XP for converting memories at specific times.

  4. Incandescent Energy: At level 95 Divination, you can harvest incandescent energy, which is one of the fastest XP rates in the skill. Convert the energy into experience at the Incandescent Wisp colony.

  5. Rifts and Chronicles: Rifts are rift-shaped objects found throughout Gielinor. You can activate them to obtain chronicles, which can be handed in at Guthix's shrine or converted into Divination experience. This method provides a decent balance of XP and profit.

  6. Divination Training D&Ds: Some Distractions and Diversions (D&Ds) like Guthixian Cache and the Memorial to Guthix offer Divination experience. Completing these events can be a good way to supplement your regular training.

  7. Bonus XP and Bonus XP Lamps: Use any bonus XP or bonus XP lamps you have from various sources like Treasure Hunter or events to boost your Divination experience.

  8. Protean Memories: If you have Protean Memories from Treasure Hunter or other sources, you can use them to gain Divination XP.

  9. Divine Locations: You can create divine locations, such as Divine Herb Patches and Divine Yew Trees, which can be harvested by you and other players. You will receive Divination XP for converting energy at these locations.

  10. Signs of the Porter: Equipping signs of the porter will automatically send harvested resources to your bank, saving you time and increasing your experience rates.

Remember that Divination is a slow skill to train, but the methods mentioned above can help you optimize your experience rates. The best method for you may depend on your goals, including whether you want to maximize XP rates, make money, or use alternative methods like D&Ds. Additionally, always check for any game updates or changes that might affect the best training methods.


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