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1-99 Farming Guide! [Runescape 3] Fast & Profitable Methods - YouTube

RuneScape 3 (RS3) has a diverse range of skills, and Farming is one of them. Farming involves growing and harvesting various crops, trees, and herbs, and it's a skill that can be profitable and help you obtain valuable resources for other skills like Herblore or Cooking. Of course, our site will be here for you to Sell the gold you have earned or to perform such tasks. Below is a basic RS3 Farming guide to get you started:

  1. Starting Out:

    • To start farming, you must first complete the "Let Them Eat Pie" quest, which grants you access to the allotment patches.
    • You can begin by planting low-level seeds and then gradually work your way up as your Farming level increases.
  2. Farming Patches:

    • There are several types of farming patches in RS3, including allotment patches, flower patches, herb patches, and tree patches. You can find these patches in various locations around Gielinor.
  3. Basic Farming Process:

    • Obtain seeds by buying them from NPCs or by harvesting from various monsters or as drops from skilling activities.
    • Use a seed dibber to plant the seeds in the appropriate farming patch.
    • Water and compost your crops for a higher chance of successful growth.
    • Wait for the crops to mature. The time varies depending on the type of crop. You can check the status by right-clicking the crop or by using the "Farming" skill tab.
    • Harvest the fully grown crops for resources and experience.
  4. Fertilizer and Compost:

    • Use compost or supercompost on your patches before planting. Supercompost is better as it provides a higher success rate.
    • You can make compost by using items like pineapples, watermelons, and papayas with a compost bin.
    • The tool leprechaun can store compost and supercompost for you, which you can withdraw when needed.
  5. Farming Contracts:

    • In RS3, you can take part in farming contracts from the farmers at Manor Farm in Ardougne. These contracts provide Farming experience, beans, and other rewards.
  6. Special Trees and Herbs:

    • As you level up your Farming skill, you can start planting special trees and herbs, such as fruit trees and calquat trees for wood and fruit.
    • High-level herbs like avantoe, snapdragon, and torstol can be quite profitable.
  7. Animal Farming:

    • Animal farming is a more recent addition to RS3. You can raise and breed various animals, including chinchompas, dragons, and Zygomites, for resources and experience.
  8. Farming Equipment:

    • You can purchase various tools, such as the magic secateurs, which provide a bonus to herb yields.
    • Outfits like the farmer's outfit can also boost your Farming experience.
  9. Farming Runs:

    • To maximize your experience and profits, consider doing farming runs. These involve planting and checking multiple patches around Gielinor.
    • There are portable allotment patches that you can use for fast farming runs.
  10. Achievements:

    • Completing various Farming achievements can unlock useful perks and abilities that enhance your farming experience.

Remember that Farming can be a time-consuming skill, but it can also be very rewarding in the long run. As your Farming level increases, you can access more profitable crops and trees. Always check the Grand Exchange and player forums for the most profitable seeds to plant.

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