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Mage Training Arena - The RuneScape Wiki

In RuneScape 3 (RS3), there are several effective methods for training Magic. Magic is one of the three combat styles in the game, and it can also be used for various non-combat purposes like teleporting, enchanting items, and more. Here are some popular methods for training Magic in RS3:

  1. Combat Spells: This is the most common way to train Magic while also gaining combat experience. You can use various combat spells like Air Surge, Fire Surge, or Ice Barrage on monsters. High-level spells provide better experience rates, but they also require more runes.

  2. High-Alching: High-Alching is a popular method for training Magic and making money at the same time. You can use the High Alchemy spell to convert items into coins. To maximize your experience gain, alch valuable items that have a good price-to-experience ratio.

  3. String Jewelry: You can use the Lunar spell "String Jewelry" to string amulets and make some Magic experience while also turning a profit. This method is especially useful for Ironmen accounts.

  4. Superheat Item: The Superheat Item spell can be used to smelt ores while gaining Magic experience. This is a good way to train Magic if you're also training Smithing or Mining.

  5. Teleporting: Teleporting spells, like Varrock Teleport, Lumbridge Teleport, and Camelot Teleport, can provide decent Magic experience while allowing you to move around the game world quickly. Using teleport tablets or runes for teleports is also an option.

  6. Enchanting Items: Enchanting spells, such as High Level Alchemy, can be used to enchant items and gain Magic experience. Enchanting bolts with the Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell is another option.

  7. Combat Training Dummies: You can use Combat Training Dummies, such as the Magical Woodcutting dummy or Magical Plank Make dummy, to gain Magic experience. These dummies can be obtained through various in-game events.

  8. Abyssal Training: If you have a high Magic level and are looking for high experience rates, you can train in the Abyss while using Ancient Magicks for combat spells. This method can be very fast but also dangerous.

  9. Livid Farm: The Livid Farm is a minigame that offers Magic experience as a reward. You can unlock various spells and abilities by participating in this minigame.

  10. Quests: Completing quests that provide Magic experience rewards is a good way to jump-start your Magic training. Some quests offer significant experience boosts.

Remember that it's a good idea to use various training methods depending on your goals and resources. Additionally, using Magic-boosting gear, prayers, and auras can help maximize your experience rates while training Magic in RS3.


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