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Comprehensive Range Gearing Guide - Runescape 3 - YouTube


Ranged is one of the combat skills in RuneScape 3 (RS3), in order to train ranged you better have enough RS3 Gold in your bank and there are several methods to train it efficiently. Here are some of the popular Ranged XP methods in RS3:

  1. Training Dummies: Deploying Ranged training dummies is a great way to earn Ranged XP quickly. You can purchase these dummies with Invention materials and set them up in a Player-Owned House or in certain locations in Gielinor.

  2. Chinchompas: Red and Black Chinchompas are two-handed throwing weapons that are commonly used for training Ranged. You can use them in the Monkey Madness II caves or in the Wilderness to kill multiple enemies at once, gaining good XP.

  3. Slayer: Many Slayer tasks involve killing creatures that are weak to Ranged. Completing Slayer tasks efficiently with Ranged can be a good way to train the skill. You can use various ammunition types, such as broad-tipped bolts or Araxyte arrows.

  4. Dungeoneering: Dungeoneering is a skill that can be used to train Ranged, especially if you have access to high-level Daemonheim dungeons. You can use a variety of weaponry there to gain Ranged XP.

  5. Training at the Arc Islands: Killing Tortles on the Uncharted Isles of The Arc can provide decent Ranged XP. Keep in mind that this method is more about collecting chimes and resources while training Ranged.

  6. Elite Dungeon Farming: The Temple of Aminishi, Dragonkin Laboratory, and The Shadow Reef elite dungeons can be farmed for Ranged XP. The enemies here are weak to Ranged, and you can earn additional rewards while training.

  7. Player-Owned Farms: Training on your Player-Owned Farms can also yield Ranged XP, especially when breeding and selling chinchompas.

  8. Skilling Bosses: Skilling bosses like the Magister and Nex: Angel of Death can provide a decent amount of Ranged XP while yielding other rewards.

  9. Anachronia Big Game Hunter: Big Game Hunter is a Hunter training method on Anachronia where you can use Ranged to hunt dinosaurs. It provides Ranged XP and materials for crafting and herblore.

  10. Invention: Training Invention can provide Ranged XP as well. This skill allows you to augment weapons and armor, enhancing your combat abilities.

Remember to check for the latest updates and changes in the game, as new training methods and balancing changes may have been introduced after my knowledge cutoff date in September 2021. Additionally, using experience-boosting items and bonus XP can significantly speed up your Ranged training.


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