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Runescape 3 (RS3) has always been a game rich in history and lore and players now have the opportunity to explore the hidden secrets of Gielinor. It also requires RS3 Gold to level up faster in-game making it an engaging experience for both new and veteran players.
In the mystical world of RuneScape 3, there are countless quests and adventures awaiting brave adventurers. One such quest, "Wolf Whistle," is a charming and engaging mission that introduces players to the skill of Summoning. This quest is not only essential for Summoning enthusiasts but also offers a captivating story to unravel. In this guide, we'll take you through the steps to complete the "Wolf Whistle" quest in RS3.

Quest Requirements:

  • None

Skill Requirements:

  • None

Items Needed:

  • None

Starting the Quest:

To initiate the "Wolf Whistle" quest, head to Taverley and find the entrance to the Druid's Circle. It's located just south of Taverley's main square. Once there, look for Pikkupstix, the local Summoning expert, and initiate a conversation with him. You can ask him about the circle, and he will reveal that he has a secret to share with you.

Pikkupstix will introduce you to Summoning and mention his need for a Spirit Wolf to assist in a crucial matter. Intrigued, you'll be keen to help him and embark on your quest to obtain a Spirit Wolf pouch.

Gathering the Materials:

Pikkupstix will instruct you to gather the materials required for the Summoning pouch. These include seven spirit shards, an empty pouch, and a gold charm. You can acquire these items easily during the quest:

  1. Spirit Shards: You'll find spirit shards on the ground in various locations in the Druid's Circle. Simply click on them to pick them up.

  2. Empty Pouch: You can obtain an empty pouch from the summoning shop, which is located in the same building as Pikkupstix's.

  3. Gold Charm: Gold charms can be obtained by killing various creatures, such as wolves, which can be found near White Wolf Mountain.

Creating the Spirit Wolf Pouch:

Once you have gathered the required materials, head back to Pikkupstix. He will teach you how to infuse the spirit shards into the empty pouch and create the Spirit Wolf pouch. This is a crucial step in the quest as you learn the basics of Summoning and get your very first familiar.

Summoning the Spirit Wolf:

With your new Spirit Wolf pouch in hand, it's time to summon your first familiar. Simply right-click on the pouch and select "Summon Spirit Wolf." Your new companion will appear, ready to assist you on your journey.


The "Wolf Whistle" quest in RuneScape 3 is an excellent introduction to the Summoning skill and an opportunity to bond with your very first familiar, the Spirit Wolf. Through this quest, you will not only learn about the fundamentals of Summoning but also delve into the mystical world of Taverley and its magical inhabitants.

Now that you've completed this quest, you have taken your first step into the enchanting realm of Summoning. Be prepared to embark on more exciting adventures, calling upon various familiars to aid you in your RuneScape 3 journey. Happy questing!

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