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Oct 17, 2021

Info About Runefest

Runefest is a anual event hosted by Jagex that takes place in the United Kingdom. They are many events and you get to meet the people who run the game we all love and enjoy

This year it is going to be in october on the 4th and 5th. Ticket prices are £150 per person. This year though its 1 ticket for both days instead of it being different tickets for the 2 days. This year there is no refund tickets for any reason so if you do buy a ticket do make sure you can go otherwise you wasted your money and you could of just used that £150 to buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold!

FRIDAY 4TH OCTOBER (18:00-23:30)


RuneFest 2019 will kick off on Friday Evening. The Golden Gnome Awards are back. This is an evening of glitz and glamour while they recognise the talent and enthusiasm of our community members, content creators, and streamers.

Every award nomination is voted for by the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities, so keep an eye out for your chance to vote!

There’ll be plenty of entertainment throughout the evening. People will have lots of time to catch up with your friends and fellow players, too. And of course, there will be some very special surprises on the night.

Food and drink is available for people.

SATURDAY 5th OCTOBER – (10:00 – 00:00)


This year’s RuneFest is shaping up to be totally epic. They are bringing back skill chips and adding new activities, new entertainment, and all the biggest announcements from both the RuneScape and Old School teams.

RuneFest is a celebration like no other. Everyone can look forward to panel sessions with your favourite JMods and content creators, a huge PC LAN party, and goodie bags filled with RuneFest Loot.

Food and drink will be available onsite throughout the event, and as the day comes to a close we’ll also be hosting a massive afterparty for all our guests.

They are packing in plenty of surprises this year for the people coming.


Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre

Etps Road


GU14 6FD

Things you need

You dont actually need anything but You, Your ID, Your Money and Your Ticket! You can also bring cosplay outfits and items.

However you are not allowed to bring a few items E.G: Alcohol, Drugs or any kind of illegal substances, pyrotechnics, explosives etc. Weapons that can harm others. Personal food and drink (unless you have a prior agreement with the event security. normally people with severe allergies are given permission to bring food and drink to the event)

Hotels Nearby

There are around 2,500 hotel rooms within 15 minutes of the venue. Some of the best options are:

Village Hotel, Farnborough
The Falcon Hotel, Farnborough
Travelodge Farnborough Central, Farnborough
SACO Aparthotel, Farnborough
SA Today Apartments, Farnborough
Holiday Inn, Farnborough
Lakeside Continental Hotel, Frimley
Lakeside International Hotel, Frimley
Travelodge Fleet, Fleet
Premier Inn Fleet, Fleet
Potters International Hotel, Aldershot
Travelodge Aldershot, Aldershot

There is also free parking near the event with 3500 spaces!

Event attendees must be over 16 if by themselves or if they are not they need to be accompanied with someone over the age of 18.

This year does look like its going to be amazing, and i can not wait to see what it has in store for us. if only you could  buy osrs gold from there but wait you can buy osrs gold from Ariba Gold. There looks like there will be alot on this year with alot of different events. I wonder if they will bot bust on stage again this year trying out new toys on the bots. Bots are an issue in the game ands its entertaining to see a osrs Mod slap one with a rubber chicken on the stage. Imagine what this year can be like with the name Dragon Awakes! Or instead of spending 150 on a ticket at hundreds on other stuff like hotels and stuff just use that money on Ariba Gold and buy osrs gold! imagine how much you can get for £200 (about 400m Currently)

Thank you very much for reading this blog post by me. I hope you do enjoy the event, i wont be going this year as i have other arrangements this year. I Hope everyone found this very insightful into what will be happening this year at Runefest and what it has to offer this year!

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