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1-99/120 RS3 Necromancy Guide: Fast and AFK Methods - Chicks Gold


In RuneScape 3 (RS3), Necromancy is a skill that was released with the Archaeology skill in April 2020. It involves using ancient magic to bind and summon creatures for various purposes, such as combat, skilling, and resource gathering. There are several methods to gain experience in Necromancy, The things you need are as follows, but before that, you can find the amount of RS3 gold you need for this and similar tasks by visiting our site, which is the fastest and most reliable:


  1. Soul Wars: Playing the Soul Wars minigame is a great way to gain Necromancy experience. You can earn Zeal points which can be spent on experience lamps, and it's a relatively fast way to level up Necromancy.

  2. Binding Contracts: Binding contracts are items you can use to summon and bind various creatures. Each type of creature has its own experience rates. The contracts include:

    • Goblin Contracts: These offer the lowest experience rates.
    • Troll Contracts: Offer better experience rates compared to goblins.
    • Necrolord Contracts: Provide some of the best experience rates.
  3. Exchanging Chronotes: By exchanging Chronotes at the Archaeology Guild, you can receive an item called a "Star of Saradomin" or "Star of Zamorak." These can be used for XP in the Archaeology, Divination, or Necromancy skills.

  4. Goblin Raids: Goblin raids are a D&D (Distraction and Diversion) event that occurs in the Warforge Dig Site. You can earn substantial Necromancy experience by participating in these raids.

  5. General Skilling: Certain training methods in Archaeology, such as excavating ancient effigies and materials, can yield small amounts of Necromancy experience as a side effect.

  6. Pyramid Plunder: Pyramid Plunder, an Agility training method, also grants small amounts of Necromancy experience when you search the urns within the pyramid.

  7. Combat Training: Some Slayer tasks involve Necromancy creatures. Killing these creatures while on task can yield Necromancy experience.

  8. Portable Altars: Portable altars can be used to train Necromancy. These are created by players with 99 Construction and provide bonus experience when offering bones or ashes.

  9. Caches: The Divination skill offers the Enriched Divination experience that you can convert into experience in Necromancy. Caches can be found at specific locations at set times.

  10. Experience Lamps: You can also gain Necromancy experience through experience lamps or stars gained from Treasure Hunter or other in-game promotions.

Remember that to maximize your experience gains, you should always check for any bonus experience or promotions happening in-game, and you can consider using bonus experience and experience-boosting items and auras for faster leveling. Additionally, training methods and experience rates may change with game updates, so always check the most recent information in-game or on the official RuneScape website.


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