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Oct 15, 2021

Runescape Mobile is a recently added feature to the world of Runescape. For many years players have opted for unofficial ways of playing Runescape from a mobile or tablet device. This was often done through connecting to a VPS server from an android device, or connecting to a Computer or server via the team viewer application.


The official Runescape Mobile feature is still in the beta-stages and not open to all players. Although players can register via the official runescape website. The Runescape mobile technology promises to offer a cross-platform version of Runescape that can be played on Windows devices, Apple computers, IOS phones, and Android devices, as well as most tablet computers.


Runescape Mobile will also enable RS gold sellers and gold site owners to trade through the mobile technology, which will reshape the virtual goods industry, and most likely increase sales due to the convenience of the technology and the low requirements of computing power needed to operate.


The biggest benefit for Runescape players is that an official method of playing Runescape 3 and Oldschool Runescape through mobile technology means there are no risks involved as there are through the unofficial methods which may store information such as login details, or have increased risks of infecting a device with a harmful virus.


As of writing this article, Runescape players are able to opt in to email updates in relation to the further development and release information of the official Runescape mobile application. To do this players can subscribe to the mailing list at


An official beta stage has been in process for Oldschool Runescspe Mobile, which was reported on the Runescape news blog at:


As the oldschool version of runescape requires less computing power, it will be the most efficient version of runescape that will be compatible with most smart phones and tablets. Due to this fact the oldschool runescape version of the game will be most impacted by real world traders due to the fact that OSRS gold is more profitable that RS3 gold, and as less requirements are required to run the game graphics, more gold buyers and sellers will be operating on the platform due to the convenience it offers. Players will be able to buy and sell runescape gold while on the go, such as commuting to school or work.


The results of the April beta stage were successful. It enabled the developers to fix any bugs and also receive feedback from over five thousand oldschool runescape players that downloaded the Runescape Mobile app on IOS and Android devices.


More beta stage applications are processed and gradually more players are welcome to test the Runescape mobile application, whereby they can submit feedback for future improvements. This was never the case with the unofficial mobile apps in the past, so players are now at an advantage as they can shape the future of the oldscool and RS3 versions of the Runescape mobile app.

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