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Runescape scams don't be the victim


Oct 14, 2021

In an economy driven MMORPG, scammers of virtual items are attracted to the game as there are valuable items with real world value. It is important as a Runescape player to be aware of common scams, and understand that there is no reimbursement for lost items as a result of scams or luring.


This article covers some of the most common scam methods to be aware of as a Runescape player of both the Oldschool and Runescape 3 versions of the game.


Starting with the “doubling money – two trades” scammer. This scammer will claim he has an exploit, or is quitting runescape and is taking time out of his/her day to double other players' wealth. This is always too good to be true and should be avoided. The scammer will usually “double” small amounts, and then log out when a player trades him or her a larger amount of gold or items. In some cases the scammer will log out even after being traded small amounts, so trying to anti-scam this method is also foolish. It is best to just avoid these players, add them to your block list, and continue enjoying playing.


Another popular scam effects both the runescape gold buyers, and also the owners of Runescape gold selling websites. Scammers will camp at the usual real world trading locations in game, and then they will message any players in that location and pretend they work for the gold site that the player has just purchased gold from. They aim to convince the player to “temporarily” trade back the gold and then receive more as a bonus for doing them a favour. Unfortunately what happens is the buyer is scammed, and the reputation of the gold site may be harmed if the buyer believes the website scammed the gold back. This may result in the customer not returning to the website, or even trying to reverse the payment issued. The moral of this story is to never trade your runescape gold or items to any body for any reason.


There are other forms of scamming in game which often involve player killing. This is often called “luring” as it resolves around tricking players into going to combat areas with items of great wealth. A very popular method that was used was red portal clan wars luring, where players would be tricked in to telegrabbing a cash pile. The telegrab would pull the players in to the danger zone and a high level account would ice barrage the player and all of their items would be dropped on death. Similar methods involving telegrab have been used in the wilderness. Therefore it is recommended to never trust other players who try to offer some get rich quick scheme.


In almost every situations where another player offers an easy solution to accumulating Rs gold, it is in fact an elaborate scam that many players, including advanced players, may fall for. If a player would like to acquire gold quicker, the only safe option is to buy rs gold. They can do this anonymously from other players, and it is a quick process in which the player can return to enjoying runescape shortly after ordering.

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