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Sarachnis Guide


Oct 14, 2021

Sarachnis OSRS is a new mid-level boss appearing in the Forthos Dungeon. If you haven’t defeated this new boss, read our Sarachnis guide below for the basics, attack features and some useful strategies to defeat her.

This boss is very similar to the Kalphite Queen. You want to Protect from Melee while wearing gear with high mage defence. The boss is very weak to crush, so use an Abyssal Bludgeon or Zammy Hasta with a defender. BGS or DWH are equally good for defence reduction. Bring a knife/slash weapon if you don't have a BGS with you.

To get there Teleport to 'Xeric's Glade' using your Xeric's Talisman. It really helps to have a wall mounted one in your house so that you can sip from your POH after you bank. Run west to the dungeon sign. I prefer to bring a 1 dose stam to get to the boss after banking without running out of energy. Once you're in the dungeon, run all the way south, cutting 3 sets of webs with your bgs. If you didn't bring BGS, make sure that you bring a knife.

The mechanics of the boss are as follows. The boss attacks with Melee and Ranged. After taking a bit of damage, she will use a web you to the ground, freezing you in place, and then run to one of the 4 corners of the room. At this time she will also spawn her adds, 2 Melee spiders (orange) and two Mage spiders (blue). The add spawns depend on how many people are in the room, each additional player will spawn 2 more melee and mage adds. Additionally, she will not always spawn adds when she webs you. It appears as though they are spawned after she falls below a specific health threshold. The first set of adds comes at 65% health. The 2nd set comes at 30%. At this point, you want to swap to Protect from Range, as her next hit will always be a ranged one. Her ranged attack looks like a black triangular projectile being fired at you. After you're back in melee distance, swap back to Protect from Melee. She also has an attack that can siphon some of your health and heal her, this will do 5-10 damage and heal her for 5-10 health. The rest of the fight is a repeat of her web/adds phase and the occasional siphon.

Sarachnis OSRS has a high resistance to ranged and magic attack styles. As she attacks Melee when you are in melee range (Ranged when you are not), it is recommended to pray Protect from Missiles or Protect from Melee. Sarachnis is weak to crush weapons, so high strength bonus equipment and crush weapons can be useful, such as the elder maul and abyssal bludgeon. You can also choose dragon warhammer or Bandos godsword for its defense-reducing special attack.

Sarachnis is weak to crush and has high magic and ranged defence, therefore melee is the only viable method of killing her. All weapons (Except the Scythe of Vitur) should be on their crush setting (if available). She only attacks with melee if in range, or ranged if out of melee range. If you are hit off-prayer she will heal 5 for a melee attack, and 10 for a ranged hit, regardless of damage done (does not occur if hit with the "Hiss" ranged attack). Her mage spawn will generate the most damage to you, so magic defence must be a high priority. After being bound by the "Hiss" attack, Sarachnis will always fire a ranged attack. You should swap to Protect from Range for this then return to Protect from Melee when back in melee range.

Inventory Wise You will want as follows;

Special attack weapon (e.g. BGS or DWH)
Xeric's talisman for quicker teleport to Forthos Dungeon (to save inventory you could get a Mounted xeric's talisman in your POH)
House tablets (or Construct. cape/Max cape) or Desert amulet 4
1-2 Divine super combat potions
Imbued heart for magic defence
A knife to cut through the web inside the dungeon (can be substituted for another shark if you carry a slash weapon)
6-9 Prayer potions or super restores
Sharks for remaining inventory space

Gear Wise you will want gear with high magic defence IE Karils.


Thank you for reading my guide on the Kinda New Sarachnis boss that is located in Kourend. Hope this helps you get a few kills and get some good drops!

Hope you enjoyed!

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