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Shayzien Favor in Old School RuneScape (OSRS): A Comprehensive Guide

In the expansive world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there are numerous quests, skills, and activities that players can engage in to enhance their gaming experience. One such activity is the Shayzien Favor. Shayzien Favor is a mechanic unique to the kingdom of Great Kourend, which is found within the continent of Zeah. In this guide, we will delve into Shayzien Favor, exploring what it is, why it's important, and how players can obtain it, while also discussing the rewards and benefits it offers.

**Understanding Shayzien Favor:**

Shayzien Favor is essentially a measure of a player's reputation and standing within the Shayzien House, one of the five major houses of Great Kourend. The kingdom of Great Kourend is known for its rich lore and unique content, and Shayzien House plays a crucial role within this kingdom, with its focus on military and combat-related activities. Players can earn Shayzien Favor to unlock various perks and benefits associated with the house.

**Importance of Shayzien Favor:**

Shayzien Favor is important for several reasons, making it a valuable aspect of OSRS gameplay:

1. **Access to Armor Set**: Earning Shayzien Favor grants players access to the Shayzien armor set, which is especially useful in various combat situations. This armor is divided into five tiers (Tier 1 to Tier 5), with higher favor levels unlocking access to stronger armor.

2. **Infirmary Access**: The Shayzien infirmary, available at 100% Shayzien Favor, serves as a convenient healing spot for players in the region, making it a valuable resource for those exploring the kingdom.

3. **Quest Requirements**: Several quests and tasks in the Great Kourend region require a certain level of Shayzien Favor to be completed, making it essential for progression in this part of the game.

4. **Battlefront Access**: Shayzien Favor is needed to participate in activities at the Shayzien Battlefront, including taking part in organized military events and battling against lizardmen, which can yield valuable drops and experience.

**Earning Shayzien Favor:**

To earn Shayzien Favor, players must complete tasks and activities that are aligned with the values and objectives of the Shayzien House. Here's how you can go about earning this favor:

1. **Tithing**: The primary method for earning Shayzien Favor is through tithing. This involves donating a certain amount of lovakite ore, a unique resource found in Shayzien, to the quartermaster in the Shayzien House.

2. **Gaining Favor through Lizardmen**: Players can also earn Shayzien Favor by defeating lizardmen, a hostile race found in various locations within the kingdom. Each lizardman killed grants a small amount of favor, with higher favor levels requiring more lizardmen to be defeated.

3. **Architectural Alliance**: Players can also participate in the Architectural Alliance mini-game by assisting the Shayzien architect in rebuilding parts of the city. This method is a slower but less resource-intensive way to gain favor.

**Shayzien Favor Tiers and Rewards:**

As players accumulate Shayzien Favor, they unlock various tiers of rewards. These rewards include access to equipment, facilities, and services. The key tiers and associated rewards are as follows:

1. **Tier 1 (20% Favor)**:
   - Access to the Shayzien encampment.
   - Basic Shayzien armor set available.

2. **Tier 2 (40% Favor)**:
   - Access to the Shayzien Crypts.
   - Improved Shayzien armor sets unlocked.
3. **Tier 3 (60% Favor)**:
   - Access to the Lizardman Canyon.
   - More potent Shayzien armor sets are unlocked.

4. **Tier 4 (80% Favor)**:
   - Access to the Shayzien Supply Armoury.
   - Ability to contribute lovakite ore for additional favor.

5. **Tier 5 (100% Favor)**:
   - Access to the Shayzien Infirmary.
   - The Shayzien supply armoury stocks higher-tier lovakite gear.

6. **Tier 6 (Autumn Elegy's Elite Tier, Not officially in-game)**:
   - This tier, recognized in the player community and not part of the official game content, offers access to the higher-quality Shayzien armor and the ability to contribute even more lovakite ore for lovakite gear.

**Tips for Earning Shayzien Favor:**

Earning Shayzien Favor can be a time-consuming process, but here are some tips to make it more efficient:

1. **Tithing Wisely**: Be efficient with your lovakite ore contributions, as the required amount increases with each tier. Save your ore for the higher tiers when you need more favor.

2. **Lizardman Kills**: To earn additional favor, engage in lizardman slayer tasks or combat them at the Shayzien Crypts, where they are densely packed.

3. **Architectural Alliance**: If you prefer not to spend resources or prefer a more engaging method, consider participating in the Architectural Alliance mini-game.

4. **Multi-tasking**: You can work on earning Shayzien Favor while also completing other activities in the Great Kourend region to maximize your time and effort.

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Shayzien Favor in OSRS is a vital aspect of gameplay in the kingdom of Great Kourend. It rewards players with valuable armor sets, convenient services, and access to unique content within the Shayzien House. Earning favor is a rewarding journey that adds depth to the gameplay experience. Whether you're a combat-focused player or just looking to explore the lore of the Great Kourend, Shayzien Favor is worth pursuing in Old School RuneScape.

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