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Swapping Gold


Oct 18, 2021

Swapping gold has been apart of runescape for a while. It is where you give X amount of gold to someone and they will then trade you in the other game the amount the other amount of gold is worth in this game. (RS3 to OSRS or OSRS to RS3) The Converstion rate for Ariba Gold is currently 1M Osrs is 4.5m RS3 and 1m RS3 to 0.16m OSRS as of ( 15th September 2019)

So you may be wondering what is swapping (in more detail) well swapping is when a player has currency in either of the Runescape game versions (RS3/OSRS) that would like to exchange their gold for gold in the other version Runescape it is also quite safe and no one really gets banned for it. Or you can just buy osrs gold or buy rs3 gold from Ariba gold for very cheap compared to most other sites

How to swap gold on Ariba Gold. To swap gold on Ariba Gold first you most go to their site. Once on the site you should look at the top bar and you will see Swap Gold. Click that. Once you have you will be taken to another page and on that page you will be able to see the current conversion rates. From there just type in however much OSRS gold or RS3 gold you want to swap over and it will show you how much you will be getting. Once you have entered how much gold you want to swap to the other game you then click swap now. Once you have done that you will be taken into the Live chat and then just follow the instructions from the sales reps. E.G meet me in this world at this location on rs3 then meet me at this place in osrs this world. Trade over the gold and then they will trade over the gold on the other game at the conversion rate that you saw before. There you go you have swapped your gold and now you can continue your adventure on either game. Now if you dont have gold to swap you can always buy osrs gold on ariba gold.

Congrats on swapping gold with Ariba gold. Now that you know how to do that you can also learn how to sell or buy gold. Click here to learn how to sell. Click here to learn how to buy.

Thank you for reading this tutorial on how to swap runescape gold from osrs to rs3 and rs3 to osrs. Hope this guide was helpful and makes swapping gold easy for you. If you are questioning if Ariba gold is a safe website to do so you can always look at all the reviews and everything. Ariba Gold Is a trustworthy site with many many customers a day and you wont regret it. If they werent they wouldnt have all the customers they do as this buisness is very cut throat and reputation is everything.


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