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The Best Methods To Achieve 99 Construction In Oldschool RuneScape


Oct 14, 2021

Construction is a notoriously expensive skill within Oldschool RuneScape. Even the budget method of using Oak Planks currently costs an alarming 90M OSRS Gold, with a price tag closer to 200M OSRS Gold using the Mahogany Plank method. Yikes! In this article, I’m going to explore the various methods available, and attempt to help you determine which method is right for you, by providing XP rates and RuneScape Gold prices of each method.

Oak Larders / Oak Dungeon Doors

This is the classic, and likely most well known method of training Construction. XP Rates range from 250-400K per hour, depending on your clicking speed. At current prices, this method costs 7 OSRS Gold per XP, meaning 99 will cost approximately 90M OSRS Gold. Not a bad choice for the average player who does not have a large amount of excess gold. Remember though, there is no cheap way of training Construction, so you’ll need a pile of RuneScape Gold one way or another.

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Teak Garden Benches

At current prices, this method costs 10 OSRS Gold per XP, meaning 99 will cost approximately 133M OSRS Gold. Pricey, but potentially worth the extra OSRS Gold cost over Oak Larders, due to the improved XP rate. You can expect a comfortable 450k XP per hour with this method, with potential for a higher rate with the correct speed. There are dozens of YouTube guides that cover this method, which would be worth checking out if you intend to use this method long term.

Mahogany Tables

This method is the pinnacle of high price, high gains. At current prices, this method costs 14.6 OSRS Gold per XP, meaning 99 will cost an eye-watering approximate of 190M OSRS Gold. However, the prohibitive cost does not come without reward, as you’ll be able to achieve in excess of 600K-800K XP per hour, an amazing rate of XP gain only topped by the ridiculous methods in the game, such as fletching Dragon Darts. Whilst pricey, many of the top players within the game choose to use this method, as the time saved can be used to accumulate the gold spent. Alternatively, many players choose to purchase OSRS Gold, allowing them to use their in-game time more effectively, gaining levels and having fun instead of farming gold.

Mythical Cape

This method is only available after completion of the Dragon Slayer 2 quest. At a cost of 7.5 OSRS GP per XP, this method is definitely an economy method, but preferable to the Oak Plank method for those with the correct requirements. Achieving level 99 using this method would cost approximately 97M OSRS GP at current prices. XP rates in excess of 300K are achievable, respectable but definitely nowhere near touching Mahogany Plank XP rates.


In summary, Mythical Cape’s or Teak Garden Benches are probably a good middle ground compromise for most players. Serious players should probably opt for the Mahogany Plank method, as the time savings are unmatched. Additionally, many players find Construction a tedious and boring method (as well as expensive!), therefore it may be wise to spend the extra RuneScape Gold and pony up the cash.

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Good luck!

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