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The Granite Maul Rework


Oct 18, 2021

A Granite Maul used to be extremely overpowered in every PVP aspect. It really has a low attack requirement so that’s why almost every Pay-2-Play build is able to use the Granite Maul.


At its very low cost (around 30k value), massive max hits which ties into insane KO potential since it stacks with itself or other weapons. The only downside is the relatively low accuracy, which isn't even that bad (81 crush; sara sword is 82 slash, for comparison). But due to how the game works, accuracy doesn't mean much in most situations; you can still hit on 99 def in full tank. But the chance to actually do that is slim.


Just look at the dragon thrownaxe. It's proof that the team recognizes that the granite maul is way more overpowered. Thrownaxes have a higher requirement, higher cost, lower accuracy, much lower max, and 1 tick delay between hits. It's still very good for stacking with dbow/ballista.


They would have proposed something much stronger and closer to the granite maul if they didn't think granite maul was OP. Cost alone isn't enough to balance it. People would just use granite maul to a ZGS whack if the price went up a lot. When you consider how much strength bonus is in the game and still being added, a direct nerf to the strength bonus could be polled. You can KICK for 30s. Granite maul 48 x2 + elder maul 64 = 160. Adding a tick delay like Dragon Thrownaxes is also part of the solution.

So all with all, the granite maul is a very overpowered.


They’re gonna make it 60%, and you’ll have to add something similar to a clamp to make it 50% again, which costs 10M in the Bounty Hunter store, which is located next to the edgeville bank. It’s always lost on death. So the PKer will receive 1M coins when he kills a person that has a Granite Maul with a Clamp.


The problem with the gmaul is that it almost never pulls through when you need it to. Armadyl Godsword to Granite Maul has the potential to do 126+ damage. That might sound like a a lot (it is), but it almost never happens. The odds of hitting 110+ with an Armadyl Godsword to Granite maul spec on tank gear is about 1/265 (varies, but this is a decent average). With that in mind, it can feel very debilitating to constantly hit 72-0, 0-46, 12-7, etc. for hundreds of specs (even off tank), then have your opponent turn around and clock you for a 121+ out of nowhere.


I wouldn't really argue that it's op since it's almost a necessity to get kills (and rarely ever does), but it definitely feels gimmicky when someone dies to a massive stack because of it.

That said, a big underlying issue is the Player Identification Number (PID) system. Currently, a PID is random and changes, even during fights. Having PID advantage is not an advantage; it's almost an absolute advantage unless there is a huge skill difference between the people fighting. You literally can't react to a perfectly timed spec. The old PID system we had pre-eoc (all players are on 1 tick delay) is something Pkers have been asking for and would go a long way towards addressing this issue.


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