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The Most Effective Way To Achieve 99 Crafting In Oldschool RuneScape


Oct 18, 2021

Crafting is one of the more expensive skills to train, you’ll need plenty of OSRS Gold to achieve 99.  Even using the more efficient methods, you’ll still need approximately 50M RuneScape Gold to make it the whole way. This guide is going to cover some of the more effective methods, meaning I’ve taken into consideration both XP rates and supply costs.

Early Levels

There are quite a few methods to choose from here, but only a few that are actually worth doing. Cutting gems is one of the fastest methods, and won’t drain your OSRS Gold stash too much, if we only use it for the early levels. The level requirements and quantities are as follows:

1-20 – Doesn’t matter too much what you do for these levels. Best method would be Leather Gloves 1-7, requiring 49 Leather. 7-20, make Gold Bracelets, requiring 153 gold bars. This should take no longer than 15 minutes to achieve level 20.

Level 20-27 - Sapphires. 50XP per cut, total required 106. Cost 36K OSRS Gold.

Level 27-34 - Emeralds. 67.5XP per cut, total required 156. Cost 44K OSRS Gold.

Level 34-43 - Rubys. 85XP per cut, total required 355. Cost 172K OSRS Gold.

Level 43-66 - Diamonds. 107.5XP per cut, total required 4,149. Cost 3.8M OSRS Gold.

This may seem a lot but you’ll make most of the money back from selling the cut diamonds. At current prices, 66 will cost you about 4M OSRS Gold in total. Not bad for some fast, easy levels. Short on OSRS Gold / RuneScape Gold? No problem. Head over to where you can purchase (and sell!) OSRS Gold and RuneScape Gold. Their prices are nearly unbeatable, and the service is top quality.

66 And Beyond

Once you’ve achieved level 66, you’ve unlocked the most effective method for the OSRS Gold cost, Air Battlestaffs. These grant 137.5 Crafting XP per staff created, allowing for XP rates of upwards of 300K per hour. You’ll still need approximately 45M OSRS Gold to obtain level 99, however this is a small price to pay in terms of OSRS ‘buyable’ skills. You’ll need to create 91,186 Air Battlestaffs in total for 99, however much of this cost will be recuperated from selling the finished staffs.

Big Money Method

An alternative method, from level 55 crafting, is to cut Dragonstones. This method is a bit better in terms of XP per hour, with 350K per hour and upwards being achievable. However, if RuneScape Gold is a factor, you’ll want to avoid this method, as 55-99 will cost you a whopping 155M OSRS Gold. This method also has the added advantage of being more relaxed and AFK than Battlestaffs, as you’ll be able to cut an entire inventory’s worth (27 Dragonstones) in one action, meaning you’ll need half the amount of actions required to achieve 99 with Dragonstones than you would with Battlestaffs.

In summary, you’ll want to firstly ensure you’re nicely stocked on OSRS Gold. Create Leather Gloves and Gold Bracelets, until you can cut gems. Then, cut the highest-level gems you have access to, until you can create Air Battlestaffs. Finally, create Air Battlestaffs until you reach 99.

Don’t forget to head over to to stock up on some extra OSRS Gold, you’ll surely need it in order to access the best levelling methods, and to be able to enjoy the game to the fullest!


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