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The Runescape Gold Farmers of Venezuela


Oct 14, 2021

Venezuela is on the verge of economic collapse. As the income is so in Venezuela, there are groups of individuals, familiar with the MMORPG Runescape, that have decided to make RS gold farming and Account training a full time career.


As botting on runescape has become increasing more difficult now that the Runescape game engine and bot detection algorithms are far more developed than in previous years, players from Venezuela have began to operate manual gold farms, without the use of third-party macro software.


It is not a struggle for all Venezuela Runescape players. Many are making much more than minimum wage from gold farming in oldschool runescape. However as gold farming does effect the game economy it remains unknown and open to debate how long manual gold farming will be feasible for players from Venezuela.


When interviewing the manager (which we will name “Carlos” to protect his identity) of a manual goldfarm of over 50 people from Venezuela, we learned that in total Carlos makes over 3600 OSRS gold per month which is not far short of 1 billion OSRS gold per week. Carlos would not reveal anything about the methods he and his employees utilize to accumulate such an amount.


“We do it not just to survive, but to do a job that has some sense of fulfillment. Venezuela is not exactly the most privileged of places to work and live at the moment, so the virtual world of runescape is very beneficial to us”, Says Carlos, when asked why he has built a manual gold farm so big.


We asked Carlos if he also gold farms on Runescape 3, in which he answered, “Unfortunately RS3 is more demanding on hardware, we can run 2 or 3 oldschool clients with the same VPS or hardware power as just 1 client on RS3. Runescape 3 gold is not worth as much either, so it makes more sense to scale our Oldschool Runescape operations while the opportunity is still here”


Another question we had for Carlos was whether or not he and his partners would expand in to other games. Carlos replied, “For now, not so much. Mainly because of the hardware demands. It is something we would like to do in future though as it means if Oldschool runescape gold farming is no longer profitable enough for us, we have other options to consider”


The final question we asked Carlos was whether or not he could provide any tips for aspiring gold farmers out there in relation to manual, non-botted farms. Carlos responded, “First you have to be patient, and as soon as you come up with an idea, you must test it personally, even for just an hour. Then you need to consider all possible expenses such as equipment, VPS costs, and cost per employee. Finally you need to train your employees and be willing to lose money due to mistakes at the start. If you can make it through these stages, and keep control of the finances, then you will succeed. However gold farming is not as easy as most people believe it to be.”

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