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Ultimate 1-99 Attack Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 14, 2021

Attack is one of the few skills within Oldschool RuneScape that can be trained almost entirely for free. This makes it a very attractive skill to gain some easy XP and total levels without draining all your hard earned OSRS Gold. In this blog post, I’m going to explain some of the most popular methods for training Attack and advise of some of the most worthwhile items to spend your RuneScape Gold on in order to improve XP rates as effectively as possible.

Early Levels (Level 1 – 30)

The uncontested best way to train the early Attack levels is by completing the Waterfall Quest. This Quest is a very short and very easy quest, which rewards the played with 13,750 XP in both Attack and Strength! This means that a player on a fresh Level 3 account completing this quest will be boosted up to Level 30 Attack and Strength by the end of it! Completing this quest will save you hours of wasted time training through the tedious 1 – 30 levels and is strongly recommended.

Trusty Sand Crabs (Level 1 – 99)

One of the most iconic training methods in RuneScape used to be Rock Crabs, with Sand Crabs taking the spotlight since their introduction into the game with the inception of Zeah. Sand crabs are one of the few monsters in the game with relatively high hitpoints (60) and absolutely 0 defensive stats whatsoever. This means that you are likely to hit both hard & often whilst fighting them, making this a solid pick for training Attack.

Furthermore, Sand Crabs have Level 1 in ALL combat stats, and ZERO attack bonus stats. This means that they are incredibly unlikely to hit you, unless you have a very low defence level. Even with 1 Defence, a Sand Crab’s max hit is literally 1, meaning that Sand Crabs are a hugely popular location for pures and low-level accounts. In fact, if you’re training a pure, Sand Crabs are the place to train your combat stats! The only downside is the loot table, you can expect to receive about 10 OSRS Gold per kill. Rubbish.

Chaos Druids (Level 40 – 99)

An alternative method to Sand Crabs is killing Chaos Druids. This method is recommended if you are particularly low on RuneScape Gold as the loot table is significantly better. With 40+ Attack and Strength, you can expect to obtain 150-250K+ OSRS Gold per hour by killing these monsters. The OSRS Gold that you will make comes from the consistent Grimy Herb drops, ranging from values of 13gp – 15K OSRS Gold per drop. The most popular locations to kill these are in Edgeville Dungeon and Taverly Dungeon. Note that this method is less suitable for pures, as Chaos Druids do have some combat stats, although they are still quite low.

The Best Weapons For Your Gold

When training Attack, it’s important to have the best weapon equipped that your level permits you to. Here’s a guideline as to what you should use:

Level 1 – Iron Scimitar / Approx. Cost 10 OSRS Gold

Level 5 – Steel Scimitar / Approx. Cost 50 OSRS Gold

Level 10 – Black Scimitar / Approx. Cost 2,000 OSRS Gold

Level 20 – Mithril Scimitar – Approx. Cost 400 OSRS Gold

Level 30 – Adamant Scimitar – Approx. Cost 1,400 OSRS Gold

Level 40 – Brine Sabre – Approx. Cost 207,000 OSRS Gold

Level 50 – Granite Hammer – Approx. Cost 2,100,000 OSRS Gold

Level 60 – Dragon Scimitar – Approx. Cost 60,000 OSRS Gold

Level 70 – Abyssal Whip – Approx. Cost 2,600,000 OSRS Gold

Level 75 – Ghrazi Rapier – Approx. Cost 280,000,000 OSRS Gold

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