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Ultimate 1-99 Cooking Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 13, 2021

1-99 Cooking Guide


Today I will be teaching everyone the fastest and cheapest method to reach 99 cooking! Cooking is always known as an extremely AFK skill. Being able to sit about 1-2 minutes every inventory before having to get a new one. Some players use normal fires at the Grand Exchange, but that is not the way to receive the fastest experience rates. Using a games necklace, you are able to teleport to Burthope. From there, you are able to go to the tavern and go down the trap door behind the bar. Here is where you are able to find a fire that never goes out! And, there is a bank right next to it, meaning this is the place where you should be doing all of your cooking! The bank is just an NPC next to the fire but it acts the exact same as a normal bank. Now onto the guide!

For this guide we are assuming you have membership, if you don't you should buy osrs gold from the best site around for the cheapest prices and fastest service! Another thing I would recommend is getting the cooking gauntlets as they speed up your experience by a whole lot!

Levels 1-4 Cook's Assistant

I recommend doing the Cooks assistant quest as this will take you right from levels 1-4 in 2 minutes or even 30 seconds! The items required for the quest are 1 egg, 1 bucket of milk, and 1 pot of flour!

Levels 4-15 Cooking Shrimp

I should also mention that you have a chance to burn the item you are cooking meaning that you will need to buy more items then the recommended amount of items because of the chance of burning items, although the chance of burning items goes down with the cooking gauntlets, you are still able to burn the food. I would recommend about 100-120 shrimp to reach level 15

Levels 15-25 Cooking Trout

Trout is the next step in your cooking journey, I would recommend about 100-120 trout as well to reach level 25

Levels 25-35 Cooking Salmon

No matter which way you say it, salmon is the next item in the cooking journey. I would recommend about 170-190 salmon to reach level 34

Levels 35-99 Making Jugs Of Wine (Recommended)

This is the fastest cooking method in the game. Although expensive, you are able to achieve the fastest experience rates through this method. Taking a whopping 65,061 successful wine makes, you are able to achieve 99 for about 9 million GP. Once again an extremely cheap price considering that you can buy osrs gold at the best place, for the best prices!

Levels 35-50 Cooking Tuna (Slower, But Cheaper)

Not looking to spend 9 million GP on the 99? You have the alternative of doing the much slower, but cheaper method of normal cooking. You can go to level 50 from level 35 by successfully cooking 790 tuna!

Levels 50-75 Cooking Lobster

At level 50, you are able to cook lobster, it requires you to successfully cook 9243 lobster!

Levels 75-80 Cooking Swordfish

At level 75, you are able to cook swordfish, requiring 5541 successfully cooked swordfish!

Levels 80-99 Cooking Shark

Finally, you are able to cook shark, I would recommend doing this to 99 as you are able to gain profit and it is relatively fast

That is it for the Ultimate 1-99 Cooking Guide. I would like to thank everyone for reading and make sure to buy osrs gold at the best site,

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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