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Ultimate 1-99 Farming Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 15, 2021


Welcome to the Ultimate 1-99 Farming Guide!

Today I will be teaching the fastest and the cheapest ways in order to achieve 99 farming. Farming is a very weird skill in my opinion because you can't train it all at once, it must be done in a lot of short sessions that most people call "farming runs." Before we fully start, I would liek to announce that you guys should buy osrs gold from as they have the best prices!

Before planting anything, it is useful to understand how the Farming process works within OSRS. The mechanics behind growth cycles are complicated to explain, but the basic gist is this: each type of seed has a built-in ‘grow time’, after which the patch will be ready to harvest. Notable grow times are as follows

Allotment Seeds - 40/50/60/70 Minutes for a full cycle, depending on the level of the seed

All Herb Seeds - 80 Minutes for a full cycle

Maple Tree Seeds - 5 Hours 20 Minutes for a full cycle

Yew Tree Seeds - 6 Hours 40 Minutes for a full cycle

Magic Tree Seeds - 8 Hours for a full cycle

There are 3 types of compost in the game, Compost, Supercompost, and Ultracompost. I advise that you always use Ultracompost while planting herbs, whereas Trees and Fruit Trees do not require compost as you will be paying the Farmer to protect your herbs anyway.

Ultracompost reduces the chance of a players crops becoming diseased (down to 1:10 ratio) whilst growing, as well as increasing the number of herbs harvested from each patch significantly. The minimum number of herbs yielded from 1 patch increase from 5 to 6, and in general, the yield will be on average 20% higher compared to using Supercompost.

Levels 1-17: Fairytale Part I Quest

Like many skills in OSRS, the early Farming Levels are incredibly slow compared to moderate and high levels. The best method to bypass these early levels is by completing the Fairytale Part I quest. This quest has no Farming Level requirement and rewards 3,500 Farming XP. This may not sound like much, but it will actually take you straight to Level 17 Farming from Level 1. This will save you hours in grow time of low level, low XP crops, and on top of this, you’ll also receive the Magic Secateurs which are a very useful item for Herb farming later on. When worn, the Magic Secateurs increase the crop yield of herbs, allotments, grape vines and hops by 10%. Very Helpful When needing to do herb runs and increases your profit by a lot!

Levels 17-99: Various Tree Runs

Even at this early level, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with Tree Runs. This is essentially the staple method of gaining Farming XP, and many players will exclusively gain XP via tree runs from this level onwards.

There are 5 Tree Patches in total. For each Tree Patch, you will need 1 sapling of the tree variant that you are growing, and 1 quantity of the payment method required for the farmer to protect your trees from dying. The tree variant level requirements and payment methods are as follows

  Level            Tree                    Items Req.                Growth Time         XP
Level 15    Acorn (Oak)   1 Basket of Tomatoes    3 Hours 20 Mins     481.3
Level 30    Willow            1 Basket of Apples       4 Hours 40 Mins    1481.5
Level 45    Maple             1 Basket of Oranges      5 Hours 20 Mins    3403.4
Level 60    Yew                10 Cactus Spines           6 Hours 40 Mins    7069.9
Level 75    Magic             25 Coconuts                  8 Hours                 13768.3

Trees can be very expensive considering that you don't receive any profit from them. That is why you have to buy osrs gold from as they have the best gold prices and are able to deliver fast and hassle free!

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