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Ultimate 1-99 Firemaking Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 18, 2021


Today I will be teaching the fastest and the most profitable firemaking method for Oldschool Runescape

Profitable: If you want to be able to make profit, I would start with woodcutting and firemaking at the same time. This makes it so you do not have to pay for any of the logs you burn and are able to get your woodcutting up which will be useful for later. Use this method from level 1-40 making sure you are always using the highest level logs you can use.

  • Normal Logs from levels 1-15
  • Oak Logs from levels 15-30
  • Willow Logs from levels 30-35
  • Teak Logs from levels 35-45
  • Maple Logs from levels 45-50

At this point you will then use a games necklace and teleport to Wintertodt. Wintertodt is the most profitable way to do firemaking. Using the minigame, you able able to make up to 300k-400k an hour. It will take about 50 hours give or take in order for you to reach 99 firemaking. This makes it one of the fastest 99s in the game! As you do Wintertodt, you recieve crates which can give you the Pyromancer outfit! The Pyromancer outfit gives you the ability to gain bonus experience for every piece you have! Pyromancer hood gives you a 0.4% experience bonus, Pyromancer garb gives a 0.8% experiance bonus, Pyromancer robe gives a 0.6% bonus, and the Pyromancer boots give a 0.2% bonus. If you have the entire set, you are able to recieve an extra 0.5% bonus, making the total bonus experiance gained 2.5% experiance gained.

The fastest method is also Wintertodt due to the speed of the minigame. It is also almost always recommended due to the money gained. Over the course of your journey to 99, you will receive give or take 21 million gold! This is amazing gold for new accounts and can get you started in all your other skills!

Wintertodt is an amazing way to train firemaking and gain money. I would recommend it to everyone who is wanting to achieve the amazing 99 firemaking cape!

I understand that there is people who dont enjoy wintertodt and would rather use the gold they buy and buy the 99 in that case you would use a very simular method up to level 50. After level 50, you will use the following logs.

  • Mahogany Logs from levels 50-60
  • Yew Logs from levels 60-75
  • Magic Logs from level 75-90
  • Redwood Logs from level 90-99
  • The prices are as follows when burning the logs
  • Levels 1-15 will cost you 1,159 gp
  • Levels 15-30 will cost you 4,758 gp
  • Levels 30-35 will cost you 1,414 gp
  • Levels 35-45 will cost you 68,632 gp
  • Levels 45-50 will cost you 2,360 gp
  • Levels 50-60 will cost you 399,675 gp
  • Levels 60-75 will cost you 1,457,190 gp
  • Levels 75-90 will cost you 15,125,154 gp
  • Levels 90-99 will cost you 6,304,242 gp

Making the total cost of firemaking using the fastest experiance being 23,364,584 gp!

Not much when you buy gold from AribaGold!

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