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Ultimate 1-99 Ranged Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 16, 2021

Range is an extremely useful stat in Oldschool RuneScape to have at a high level, as a lot of the high-level content such as bosses frequently farmed for OSRS Gold (e.g. Zulrah, Vorkath) are dependent on having a high Range level. There are various methods available to train Range effectively, in this blog post I will be discussing some of them.

To an extent, the rate of XP gain whilst training Range is dependant on the amount of OSRS Gold at your disposal. This is due to better ammo costing more OSRS Gold than weaker ammo, additionally the existence of the Dwarf Multicannon means that you can boost your XP gains significantly, with an added price tag.

Dwarf Multicannon

This is a unique Range weapon that has no Range level requirement to use. The only requirement is that you have completed the Dwarf Cannon quest, which is an easy and trivial quest to complete. A Dwarf Multicannon costs approximately 800,000 OSRS Gold, with the Cannonballs required to fire it costing approximately 175 OSRS Gold each. You can load the Multicannon with 30 Cannonballs at a time, once loaded, you can fire the cannon and continue to attack as normal. This means that you’ll be earning Range XP from your regular attacks and some bonus XP from the Multicannon’s attacks at the same time! The Multicannon deals significant damage, however you’ll only receive 2 XP per 1 damage dealt from the Multicannon, half of what you’d receive (4 XP per 1 damage) usually.

Training Spots

Ogres (2 Locations) – Any Level

One of the most popular methods of training Range is by cannoning Ogres whilst simultaneously attacking them yourself. Using a low-cost weapon such as Iron Knives (approx. 45 OSRS Gold each) alongside using a Multicannon to attack the Ogres is very effective, with XP rates ranging from 80K per hour and beyond, mostly dependant on your current Range level.

There are 2 main locations for this method, the first being directly west of Yanille. This spot doesn’t have any requirements to access and is recommended if you don’t have the quest required for the alternative spot. The second spot is located inside the Combat Training Camp, just East of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. To access the Combat Training Camp, you’ll need to have completed the Biohazard quest, so bear that in mind before heading over there.

Another note worth mentioning, is that the Ogres here are trapped inside a cage. This makes it very easy to ‘safespot’ them, however it also means that the effect of the Ava’s Attractor/Accumulator does not work in this location. This will result in a higher OSRS Gold cost as you’ll lose quite a lot of ammunition, however Ogres do often drop high level herb seeds such as Ranarr and Snapdragon Seeds which are worth a decent amount of RuneScape Gold, so you may find that the added convenience is worthwhile.

Nightmare Zone

One of the most popular spots to train any combat stats is the Nightmare Zone. This is an instanced area just North of Yanille whereby you can configure the arena to fight bosses from quests that you have completed in the past. The reason people choose to train here is that the XP is slightly higher than other places, as you’re able to use Overload potions which greatly increase your Attack/Strength/Range/Magic stats. Additionally, you’re able to use Absorption potions which will reduce the need to bring food, reducing supply costs and saving your precious RuneScape gold. This is a method worth investigating if you have a decent number of quests completed and are willing to take some time to learn the best methods for training within the Nightmare Zone.

Range Weapons

Here’s some of the best Range weapons to train with, I’ve considered both cost and effectiveness here:

Iron Knife – Fast and diverse training weapon, cheap at 40 OSRS gold each and the best for early levels

Magic Shortbow – Classic, low cost Range weapon. Very cost effective, even when firing high level ammo such as Rune Arrows (70 OSRS Gold each). Recommended for cost/performance.

Toxic Blowpipe – Fires darts with an increased Range bonus, making your attacks more effective. However, also uses 2 Zulrah Scales per 3 shots fired, which can make this a very expensive weapon to use. Approximately 150 OSRS Gold per shot excluding dart cost.

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