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Ultimate 1-99 Smithing Guide Fastest and Cheapest


Oct 14, 2021

Welcome to the Ultimate 1-99 Smithing Guide Fastest and Cheapest

Today I will be teaching everyone the fastest and cheapest method to reach 99 smithing!

Smithing can be a pain, we all know that smithing isn't fun and most of the time is not profitable. That is why today I will be explaining the fastest method and the cheapest method in order to get smithing out of the way and maybe even profit!

Click Intensive Methods

Levels 1-29 The Knight's Sword Quest

The best way to start off smithing no matter which way you go is The Knight's Sword quest! There are no requirements for the quest and it can be done on a brand new level 3 account! This is by far the fastest way to get the lower levels out of the way and I would always recommend that you do this quest if you are starting your smithing grind!

Levels 29-40 Iron Items

Your next goal is to achieve 40 smithing, you can do this by crafting iron items. Making sure that you are always using the best item you can smith for your level, it will take you exactly 1010 iron bars in order to achieve 40 smithing.

Levels 40-99 Blast Furnace

Many people know about blast furnace, but if you do not, I can explain. Blast furnace is a mini-game in Old School Runescape which allows you to achieve extremely high experience rates. Using gold bars and goldsmith gauntlets (these are obtained through the quest The Family Crest), you are able to achieve the maximum experience you can gain up until 99! This method is expensive at the beginning which is why you need to buy osrs gold, but your investment will not come without rewards. The cost of getting 99 is give or take 66 million gold! You may be thinking that is a lot, but, you are able to profit with smithing after you reach levels 85 with rune ore. You are able to profit almost 900 thousand gold an hour by smithing rune bars!

Afk Methods

Levels 74–99 Adamant Dart Tips

This method is unlocked at level 74 Smithing, doing Adamant Dart Tips. You can make about 60 000 XP per hour, which is not that much but it is super AFK and the prices for Adamant darts are a little bit unstable. But, you can expect to break even from making these.

This is the only good AFK method due to the fact that other methods are extremely expensive and are not even worth considering

Money Making Methods

Level 35–99 Cannonballs

Starting off at level 35, you unlock Cannonballs, and with Steel Bars, you make 4 Cannonballs. You also need to do the Dwarf Cannon Quest in order to be able to make them in the first place. This is by no means recommended to go all the way to level 99 because the XP rates are 10 000 – 15 000 Smithing XP per hour, which is horrendous. But, you will profit about 140 000 000 getting from 35 – 99. So, if you want to grind that out, go right ahead. But, there are better methods. 

Level 54–99 Smithing Mithril Dart Tips

At level 54, you unlock Mithril Dart Tips, and this requires the Tourist Trap Quest in order to make Dart Tips in the first place. But, getting from level 54 all the way through to level 99 will make you about 20 000 000, which is not too bad. But, the XP rate is a lot quicker than the Cannonballs – at about 45 000 XP per hour. So, this is still really good for AFK training.

Blast Furnace Money Making

At level 15, you unlock Iron Bars at the Blast Furnace. Believe it or not, you can make about 300 000 per hour, maybe a bit less at lower levels but 300k coins per hour. Now, they are all on the screen below. You can have a read of them all. But among the most notable things here is that Mithril Bars make you 80m in profit to level 99 and they can get you up to 85k XP per hour. Rune Bars, at level 85 – 99 Smithing, are the best money in the game for Smithing, and you can actually get about 80 000 – 100 000 XP per hour while you do this, which adds up to about 105m – 110m from 85 – 99. That turns into about 700k – 900k GP per hour. A Coal bag is really going to help with these higher level methods because you will need a lot of Coal. So, definitely get around to getting one of those. 

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