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Vorkath Attacks


Oct 16, 2021

Vorkath is the superior version of the common blue dragon in old school runescape. This dragon was released on the 4th of January 2018 and is only unlocked after you are able to complete the dragon slayer 2 quest. This quest has many difficult requirements which can take a very long to get on your account such as 200 quest points. This can take days upon weeks to accomplish but in the very end, this boss can be extremely rewarding as the profit which you are able to get from this boss is very high. Many players farm this boss as you can expect around 2 to 4m per hour. Many bots also farm this boss and sell gold online. It is good to note that the quest boss is a lot more simple and easier to slay compared to the Vorkath which is unlocked after completing dragon slayer 2. It is also important to try your best to not die as a fee of 100k is required to be able to get your items back which you died with. So of course, it is only logical to make sure you watch plenty of guides and know the attacks of Vorkath very well. Range is the most efficient way to slay this boss so be sure to bring your best range gear to fight against dragons. A typical Vorkath setup for efficient and fast kills should require around 200m cash. Many players tend to buy osrs gold to be able to afford this gear. Here are the attacks of Vorkath.

One attack of Vorkath is very easy to avoid. The melee attack. Vorkath will only use its melee attack if the player is standing within a tile of Vorkath. As you should be ranging, this will not be a problem and at no point during the Vorkath kill should you take any damage with this attack.

Another attack style from Vorkath is the magic attack. Its mage attack is avoidable as you should be praying mage protection.

Vorkath also has three different types of dragon fire attacks. One of them will apply venom on to your character so an anti venom should be taken along for the kill. This is a green colour attack. Another dragon fire attack is the pink attack which will always turn all your prayers off. A helpful tip is to set your quick prayers on to the ones you use so you can instantly turn them back on in a single click. There is also a regular dragon fire attack which has no side effect.

Another attack is the range attack. This looks like a metallic spiky ball and will almost always deal damage to you. This is where most of your damage during the kill will come from. Do not attempt to switch prayers when hit by one of these attacks as you will only end up getting combo’d by the boss.

Another attack is the fire ball. This is very easy to avoid as all you need to do is walk 2 tiles in another direction. Be sure not be hit by this fire ball as you will take significant damage and most likely die.

Every 6 attacks Vorkath does on you, the 7th one will always be one of his special attacks. One of these special attacks is the pools of acid which Vorkath will scatter around the land. You should be constantly walking around as Vorkath will be attacking you at the same time. The other attack is very simple. Vorkath will freeze you and throw a minion at you. You could use the crumble undead spell on it for an instant kill and then resume you Vorkath kill as normal.

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