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What is RuneLite?


Oct 16, 2021

RuneLite is a free and open-source client for Runescape. With RuneLite you have a lot of useful features that you can use while playing Runescape. These features can make the game easier and more enjoyable for you to play. For example, you have the ground item feature, which highlights items on the ground, which allows you to immediately see what's in a pile of drops without right clicking on it first. Also with all skills you can track how much XP and/or percent you have left, along with calculations of how long it will take to the next level. You can even quickly price-check any items with a built in Grand Exchange tracker, so if you want to keep track of that expensive item you've always wanted, waiting for it to drop in value, using RuneLite would be a good idea!

If you rather not wait for the item to drop in value, you can also buy Runescape gold, did you know? When you buy Runescape gold you can save hours, days, weeks or even months of grinding. If you buy OSRS gold, it doesn't have to be expensive, because at you can buy OSRS gold for the best rates. You can literally safe hours of grinding when you buy OSRS gold at Ariba Gold, and that for the price of a cup of coffee! Nobody likes to grind your way through the game to just get to the fun parts, this way, you can simply buy your Runescape gold and go straight to the fun part of the game!

With RuneLite you also won’t have to solve any puzzles anymore yourself. RuneLite has a feature called Puzzle Solver. Whenever you have to solve a puzzle, RuneLite will simply show you where to click by showing arrows on your screen. Pretty cool right? Not everybody likes puzzles so this is a feature that a lot of players can appreciate.

There are tons of other features too, for instance, there’s a feature called status widgets. With this feature you can see how much hitpoints other players or monsters have, which can be very useful especially when you’re a PKer. You can also add bank tags using RuneLite, this way you can organize your whole bank. You could make a player versus player category so you can easily find all of your player versus player gear. You could also organize your items that you are making Runescape gold with, items that you’re merching and/or flipping for more Runescape gold, for example.

The best thing about RuneLite is that it’s open-source and completely free. You don’t have to pay any money or Runescape gold for it. Also because it’s open-source literally anyone can contribute to the client, which allows constant development from Runescape players all over the world. We can be sure that RuneLite will keep getting updated with new features, and the client can only get better. So, what are you waiting for? Download the client and make your life a lot easier, play Runescape more enjoyable, make more OSRS gold with these features.

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