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Why buy gold?


That’s a question you will hear often if you open up to someone about your purchases.

Or a question you might ask yourself, and just trying to figure out the reasoning behind it?

Well let us put it another way. many people classify themselves as different player’s almost like classes so let us set a few up for a better perspective.


1: The Passive player the player who dosen’t want to grind money-makers every time they log on for days just to get that raids gear they’ve wanted for a while


2: The Extremist the player who plays 5-10 hours a day and love’s every single aspect of the game.


3: The Gambler. the player which likes the excitement and adrenaline rush of gambling.


There are many more of these but these are just the few i chose as examples.



#1 The passive player wants to 100% enjoy every time they play. and wants to do the most exciting most adventurous things in runescape. If you are one of those this is a perfect example why YOU should buy gold. You want that raids gear so you can go on daring adventures with your friends. That’s a perfect reason to spend a small amount of money on the cheapest gold around


#2 You might ask yourself why would a player that plays for so long every day buy gold?

Well you see these people are very dedicated for the game mostly and want to do the best xp/h many places. or have the best in slot gear. Those two things aren’t easy to balance. That is why these dedicated players might go ahead and buy some gold to improve their gameplay. Cause they get enjoyment out of efficiency mostly so they buy gold at Aribagold.


#3 This player loves to risk their money this can go both ways. And luck always evens out in the long run. So these players might go ahead and buy some cheap gold at Aribagold when they’re down so they can turn it into a fortune gambling is risky but these players are very strict minded and are 100% sure of their gold to achieve wealth.

Wealth can also be obtained by buying it at Aribagold.


At the end of the day gold/wealth Is a key part of RuneScape and this will never change. Do you want to get ahead? Buying gold is a option that Aribagold always will offer you!


Again there are many more different players of the game we all love. Runescape, these are just a few of them and there’s nothing wrong with buying gold, if it suits you it suits you.

You decide yourself if you decide, Go to For the cheapest gold around.


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