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Wintertodt Guide


Oct 18, 2021

This is very good for ironmen as you can get loads of seeds and get a quick 99 in the process from this grind. You can also get food from this that ironman can cook so its even better plus coins in general.

Requirements: 50 FireMaking An Axe and Tinderbox And Knife And Hammer

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Getting there:
You get there by using the Games Necklace teleport to the Wintertodt Camp.

Equipment Setup:
Warm Clothing – Recommended: Full Clue Hunter Outfit or Pyromancer or any warm clothing

Item Setup:
A Dragon Axe/Rune Axe, a Tinderbox, a hammer, four Saradomin Brews(4) or so/other food (to heal your hitpoints), and a knife. The rest should really be free inventory space for the logs to put into the brazier to get the Firemaking experience and points and two Pyromancer healing potions, which will be talked about more later.

The Area:
Once you get through the Doors of Dinh you are in the Wintertodt’s Lair. There is a “protected” lair, this is where the item spawns are in the three crates, well, 3 on each side.

The red wizard’s hat show that the Pyromancer is dying and needs to be healed. The lonely burnt logs shows that the brazier needs to be re-lighted, the crossed hammer and chisel means that the brazier needs to be repairing with a hammer, the Firemaking logo means that the brazier is up and running, the Firemaking logo & red wizard’s hat means that the Pyromancer is dying and the brazier is still going – but will go out/break soon ect..

Point System:

Lighting the brazier - 25 points, used to start a game. Should always be lighted strait away.

Burning a Bruma Log – 10 Points. Gives less Firemaking than Bruma Kindling per one, but more experience/hour.

Burning a Bruma Kindling – 20/25 Points but at the expensive of it giving really bad fletching experience. Grants more Firemaking experience per one than a Bruma log, but less experience/hour due to the amount you can do in that time.

Fixing the Brazier – 25 Points, happens during the game. Gives construction experience, requires a hammer.

Once you have reached 500 Points you will have gained a reward crate and automatically two rolls onto the drop table when you open the crate. Every 500 points you gather after this is another item secured. Each point between the 500 barriers, you have a slight increasing chance of getting another roll, for example, at 750 points, you have a 50% chance of receiving that extra third roll onto the drop table.


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The Reward Crates - The crate mainly gives herbs, seeds, logs, raw sharks and random raw food now along with burnt pages for the tomb of fire, which gives a nice bonus for fire spells with magic and is tradeable for a fairly high price, with odds of 1 in 5000. You still make a decent profit with Wintertodt, and therefore I encourage you to do it.

Uncommon/Rare Rewards: Of course there is the Dragon Axe and Phoenix pet with a nice odds of 1 in 10000, and the 1/150 chance of getting the Bruma torch, 1/150 chance of getting the cosmetic warm gloves of the Pyromancer outfit, and 1/150 chance of the Firemaking bonus Pyromancer outfit that gives the burning logs Firemaking bonus.

Experience Gained: As well as this, when you finish a game, you will get a multiplier of 100x your Firemaking level as your end game experience if you reach at least the 500 points required. So, for example, if your Firemaking level is 90, you will receive 9000 experience, if you are level 57, you will receive 5700 Firemaking experience.

TIP WITH THE CRATES: To save inventory space, leave the crates unopened if you can until you are banking when the Wintertodt is subdued (defeated), so you can get more logs/kindling to put into the brazier at a time, meaning that you get more points per game.


Leaving mid-way through a game will mean you lose all your points and leaving in general means that your Pyromancer healing potions will also be automatically removed. Leave once you have defeated the boss and waiting for it to respawn! I have made this mistake where i left too early and ended up losing all my points and didnt get any loot.

Thank you for reading my guide today and remember you can buy osrs gold from ariba gold instead of grinding it out for a chance!


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