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Zulrah phases


Oct 14, 2021

Zulrah was introduced to old school runescape on the 6th January 2015. With pretty difficult requirements of the completion of regicide which takes a while to complete with all the skill and sub-quest requirements, Zulrah is one of the most profitable bosses in the whole of runescape making between 2-4m per hour depending on the level of your skills and the strength of your gear you use. Due to the large profit to be made, it is heavily farmed by players and especially well scripted bots which spend months on this boss all day. They then sell osrs gold online to websites and other players. However Zulrah should not be taken lightly or be AFKed as the attacks of Zulrah can be deadly is you do not pay close attention to what is going on. You should always watch an in depth guide on this boss before going for your first ever kill. There are tens of hundreds of guides and tutorials out there for you to follow closely. However many people get confused on the phases of Zulrah. Here are the ways to identify and the instructions on what to do on specific Zulrah phases.

The starting phase. The starting phase is when you first enter to fight the Zulrah boss. At this point in time, you should run to the top right of the “U” shaped island and attack Zulrah with your mage set up. Whenever you see Zulrah is green, you always use your mage gear as Zulrah is weak to mage at this point and it will have the greatest damage on it. During this phase, Zulrah will spit venom clouds around the entire island which will prevent you from moving from your position. This is the simplest phase and you should take no damage during this time.

The melee phase. The melee phase is when Zulrah becomes red. During this phase, mage is the most effective in dealing damage compared to range however do not expect to do much damage unless you are very high level and have good, strong offensive gear. In this phase, Zulrah will perform two melee hits on you with its tail every few seconds. If hit, you will take very high damage which can kill you if you aren’t healed up already. The best thing to do in this situation is to hide behind a pillar and Zulrah will not be able to detect you. After a few seconds it will just switch to the next phase.

The mage phase. This is the phase where you will take the most damage throughout the whole kill. During the mage phase, it has a 2/3 chance of doing a mage attack, which is what you should be protecting during this time, and a 1/3 chance of doing a range attack. Do not attempt to switch prayers to range when it performs the range attack as it will not work and you may end up getting combo’d out. The maximum hit from the range attack here is a 41 so be sure to always be above this number and heal up. During this phase, be sure to use your range set up as this is the most effective here.

The range phase. The range phase is identical in looks to the starting phase, a green colour. During this phase, be sure to pray range at all times to avoid taking damage and use your mage set up as this is the most effective in dealing damage here.

The “jad” phase. The jad phase is called so because Zulrah does both range and mage attacks just like the Jad boss. Here, they switch back and forth from mage to range and back until the end of the phase. The first attack could either be mage or range depending on the rotation you are on. Here, you should always be switching your prayers to avoid damage and use your mage set up to deal the most damage.

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